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OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 12 Feb

A WRITER’S ODYSSEY tells the story of Kongwen Lu (Dong Zijian), the author of a fantasy novel series following a heroic teenager, also named Kongwen, on a quest to end the tyrannical rule of Lord Redmane, under the guidance of a Black Armor (Guo Jingfei). But through a strange twist of fate, the fantasy world of the novel begins to impact life in the real world, leading Guan Ning (Lei Jiayin) to accept a mission from Tu Ling (Yang Mi) to kill the author.

New Release


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An original sequel to the TV anime which aired in 2018, the movie will follow "auto memory doll" Violet, still unable to forget about her former employer Gilbert, who taught her of love. One day, she meets his older brother Dietfried, who tells her that she should forget about Gilbert and move on - but it is impossible for her. Shortly after, Violet receives a call from a young client, while the post office discovers a letter with no address sitting in their warehouse.
某个大陆的、某个时代。 大陆南北分割的战争结束了,世界走向了和平。 在战争中作为军人的薇尔莉特•伊芙加登,怀抱着对她来说无比重要之人留下的“话语”,离开军队来到了大港口城市。 踊跃的人群在排列着煤气灯的街道马路上来来往往地穿梭着。薇欧瑞特在街道上找到了“代写书信”的工作。那是根据委托人的想法来组织出相应语言的工作。 她直面委托人、触碰着他们内心深处的坦率感情。与此同时,薇欧瑞特在记录书信时,渐渐明白那“话语”的含义。