Films Acquisition

  • What films do you acquire?

    At Purple Plan, we acquire films for the Asian market. We study films from around the world, that we feel suitable for our target audience in Asia, including Hollywood indie productions. We also actively seek Asian films produced in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Korea, etc.
  • Which territories do you acquire for?

    We distribute to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand & North American territories. If you are keen to work with us for other territories, please contact us and we can discuss.

Online Platform Aggregation

  • How do I put my music on iTunes / Spotify / Amazon?

    It is important that you own the rights to the music you plan to exploit. There are different rights relating to different distribution platforms. These are as follows:

    • Amazon, iTunes, etc., deal with digital download mechanical rights, and public performance rights.
    • Spotify, Zune, Apple Music etc., utilise streaming mechanical rights and streaming public performance rights.
    • With ringtones, the rights relate to ringtone mechanical rights and ringtone public performance rights.
  • How do I put my movies on iTunes / Google / Youtube / Netflix / Amazon?

    Firstly, you need to own the rights to the content you intend to exploit. There are two forms of rights: Video-On-Demand (VOD) where you download to rent; and Electronic Sell Through (EST) where you download to own. Both can be exploited separately or together, and can be territory-specific. You will need a content aggregator to sell your content on either of these platforms, which is where we come in.
  • How do you promote our content?

    We work closely with the online platforms to promote your content. For example, we can lobby for your content to be supported editorially on iTunes main storefront.

    You can also make use of social networks (fan sites, Facebook Fan Pages, etc.) to promote your content when it is ‘live’ in the digital store.
  • How different are you to other content aggregators?

    Purple Plan is one of the few approved content aggregators in Asia. We have a specific Asian focus with intrinsic knowledge of the entertainment market. We work directly with Apple to market your content, either via Apple channels or through other marketing channels. So when you choose Purple Plan for your distribution needs you join a community of independent professionals who have decided to take their careers to the next level.
  • How do you charge for your services?

    There are no upfront payments or hidden fees by Purple Plan, though iTunes distribution of films & music requires an upfront encoding and delivery fee. We charge a distribution fee on your revenue from the online platform.