OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 10 MarchMalaysia 马来西亚 & Brunei 文莱 - 17 March

Chris Pine stars in this action-packed thriller as Special Forces Sergeant James Harper, who is involuntarily discharged from the Army and cut-off from his pension. In debt, out of options and desperate to provide for his family, Harper contracts with a private underground military force. When the very first assignment goes awry, the elite solider finds himself caught in a dangerous conspiracy and on the run for his life. Also starring Kiefer Sutherland, Ben Foster, Gillian Jacobs and Eddie Marsan


OPENS IN 上映Vietnam 越南 - 25 MarchIndonesia 印度尼西亚 - 20 AprilSingapore 新加坡 - 21 AprilMalaysia 马来西亚 & Brunei 文莱 - 21 April

Ruja (Pat Chayanit Chansangavej) inherits a collection of paintings from her father, a painter who committed suicide years ago. She employs Tim (Nichkhun), a young art restorer, to fix the cracks in the artwork, and the two unwittingly get entrapped in the snares of the paintings. Will they be able to see the end of the night?
小儒 (查雅妮 饰)在艺术家父亲过世后继承了两幅毁损的女子画像,她找来艺术品修复师提姆(尼坤 饰)修复这两幅作品,以便转售赚取医治女儿眼疾的费用。修复过程中,陆续发生一桩桩无法解释的恐惧事件,宛如解开了封印在画作中的骇人秘密…小儒开始恶梦连连产生幻觉、女儿出现一些令人不寒而栗的异常行为、威胁生命的意外更不断发生…究竟画中隐藏着什么恐怖秘密?画中女子到底是谁?她有什么样的冤情与怨?视而不见真的能全身而退?


OPENS IN 上映Malaysia 马来西亚 & Brunei 文莱 - 12 May

When Alex, an expert assassin, refuses to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization, he becomes a target. FBI agents and Mexican intelligence are brought in to investigate the trail of bodies, leading them closer to Alex. 
With the crime syndicate and FBI in hot pursuit, Alex has the skills to stay ahead, except for one thing: he is struggling with severe memory loss, affecting his every move. 
Alex must question his every action and whom he can ultimately trust.


OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 10 MarchMalaysia 马来西亚 & Brunei 文莱 - 10 MarchIndonesia 印度尼西亚 - 16 MarchVietnam 越南 - 15 AprilCambodia 柬埔寨 - 29 April

Yuta Okkotsu is a nervous high school student who is suffering from a serious problem—his childhood friend Rika has turned into a Curse and won't leave him alone. Since Rika is no ordinary Curse, his plight is noticed by Satoru Gojo, a teacher at Jujutsu High, a school where fledgling exorcists learn how to combat Curses. Gojo convinces Yuta to enroll, but can he learn enough in time to confront the Curse that haunts him?
该剧场版改编自漫画前传第 0 集「东京都立咒术高等专门学校」,描述男主角乙骨忧太被特级怨灵祈本里香附身后失控,正当乙骨忧太差点要被秘密处刑时,五条悟出现在忧太面前,要他转学到咒术高专就读,成为咒术师。


OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 23 JuneIndonesia 印度尼西亚 - 20 July

A KAIJU (Monster), which terrorized humans to unprecedented levels, suddenly died one day. While the people rejoice and bask in relief, the giant corpse left behind begins to slowly rot and bloat. If it explodes, the nation will be destroyed...
The countdown to the end has begun.
In a desperate race against time, the man assigned to handle the corpse with the fate of the nation at stake is neither a police officer nor a soldier, but a man with a past who disappeared 3 years ago...
What is the mission entrusted to him?
Will he be able to stop the explosion...?!
A fantastical special effects entertainment about a man‘s “top secret mission“ in the face of an unprecedented emergency begins to unfold.


OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 12 MayIndonesia 印度尼西亚 - 30 June

12-year-old gymnast, Tinja (Siiri Solalinna), is desperate to please her image-obsessed mother, whose popular blog ‘Lovely Everyday Life’ presents their family’s idyllic existence as manicured suburban perfection. One day, after finding a wounded bird in the woods, Tinja brings its strange egg home, nestles it in her bed, and nurtures it until it hatches. The creature that emerges becomes her closest friend and a living nightmare, plunging Tinja beneath the impeccable veneer into a twisted reality that her mother refuses to see.


OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 8 September

In order to cure Hei Ling, a terminal illness, the Kunlun healer, Bai Ze, was banished after accidentally destroying an island. Seven years later, he returns to the island to seek redemption.
在神秘的山海世界,异兽更仆难数,遍布昆仑大地 神兽白泽是昆仑医馆最负盛名的医师,通万物之情 晓天下万物状貌,医术高超,但却恃才傲物
“黑灵”把万兽拉入心灵痛苦深渊,一着不慎,万劫不复,整个昆仑大地都笼罩在 “黑灵”的阴影下。
为了找到根治“黑灵”的方法,白泽踏上了一段未知的冒险旅程... ...



OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 29 September

Xiao Wu lives an unsuccessful life with his father, who is struggled with Alzheimer's disease with only inconsistent memories of her wife left in mind. To help arouse his father's memories, Xiao Wu returns to his father's old house to look for clues of his mother. When he picks up an aged notebook and a roughly made ring, something extraordinary happens to him...
与父亲老伍(魏翔 饰)终年不合的小伍(常远 饰)阴差阳错回到80年代,意外搅黄了父亲与母亲大陆(马丽 饰)的初次相遇。为了纠正这个错误,他想尽办法一次次重返过去,鼓励老妈追老爸,让人啼笑皆非的闹剧不断上演。父母相遇相恋的命运,是否会因为小伍的干预而转变?尘封在父亲心里的秘密,又将如何慢慢揭开……


OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 15 SeptemberMalaysia 马来西亚 & Brunei 文莱 - 15 September

North Korean detective Im Chul-Ryung (Hyun-Bin) is sent to South Korea on a new mission. His target is North Korean crime organization leader Jang Myung-Joon (Jin Sun-Kyu). In South Korea, Im Chul-Ryung teams up again with Detective Kang Jin-Tae (Yu Hae-Jin). Because of a mistake he made, Detective Kang Jin-Tae now works in a cyber crime investigation team rather than the regional investigation unit. He wants to rejoin the regional investigation unit. Meanwhile, F.B.I. Agent Jack (Daniel Henney) joins Im Chul-Ryung and Kang Jin-Tae in their pursuit of Jang Myung-Joon.


OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 3 NovemberIndonesia 印度尼西亚 - 26 October

‘Se-yeon’, who has devoted her entire life to her family as a mother and wife, suddenly learns she is gravely ill. Now determined to live for herself more than ever, ‘Se-yeon’ leaves in search of her ‘first love’ from her high school. Though unhappy with his wife’s decision, ‘Se-yeon’s stern husband, ‘Jin-bong’, goes along on her search to honor her earnest wishes. Through their journey together, ‘Se-yeon’ and ‘Jin-bong’ are reminded of the most glittering, beautiful moments of their lives.
世妍(廉晶雅 饰)为了木讷的丈夫振奉(柳承龙 饰)和孩子奉献一切,某天她却发现自己时日无多。不知该如何面对接下来的日子的世妍,她所想要的最后的生日礼物竟是寻找自己的初恋,面对这荒唐的要求,即使振奉百般不愿,最后仍陪着妻子踏上寻找初恋之旅。总是争吵不休的夫妻俩,在旅程中想起他们曾闪耀无比的过去,珍贵的回忆一个一个地涌现……究竟世妍能否找到自己的初恋呢?他们的旅程能顺利结束吗?


OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 22 DecemberIndonesia 印度尼西亚 - 4 JanuaryVietnam 越南 - 6 January

A natural-born networker is set out for his kingdom in Apgujeong
The most glamorous part of Seoul, Apgujeong thrives with new possibilities. Dae-gook (Ma Dong-seok) who’s a native of Apgujeong and rules its ground is eager to start his own groundbreaking plastic surgery business. Then he encounters Ji-woo (Jung Kyung-ho), the most talented surgeon in the area who lost his medical license by unfortunate. Without an effort, Dae-gook comes up with an idea how to make this business happen, and he does everything he can to make Ji-woo his partner. Together, Dae-gook and Ji-woo open a whole new primetime of Apgujeong.

拥有源源不绝的生意点子与天生好口才的狎鸥亭在地人大国(马东石 饰),遇上了曾风光一时且拥有顶尖实力的整形外科医师智友(郑敬淏 饰)。有着梦想能东山再起的野心,且能一眼看出潜力的大国,本能地觉得迎来了一生一次能发挥事业手腕的时机。大国以不凡的推力汇集了智友的实力、「狎鸥亭人气王」美晶(吴娜拉 饰)的情搜能力、「狎鸥亭富豪」太天(崔炳模 饰)的资金,并找上了拥有「狎鸥亭黄金人脉」的揆钰(吴連序 饰),决心打造狎鸥亭的全盛期……


OPENS IN 上映Indonesia 印度尼西亚 - 30 NovemberSingapore 新加坡 - 1 DecemberMalaysia 马来西亚 & Brunei 文莱 - 1 DecemberVietnam 越南 - 10 December

A former navy commander (Kim Rae-Won) receives a phone call from an anonymous man. The caller states that he has set up bombs in locations filled with people, including a soccer stadium and a water park. The bombs are "sound bombs" that will detonate when nearby ambient sounds surpasses 100 decibels. The former navy commander desperately tries to stop the terror attacks.
水煮沸的声音、打开窗户的声音、孩子们的笑声……不久后,传来了一户民宅爆炸的新闻快报,此时,看到新闻的前海军副舰长(金来沅 饰)接到了一通电话,炸弹设计者(李钟硕 饰)表示只要噪音一变大就会爆炸,他的下个目标是足球场……为了阻止不断在市中心展开的炸弹恐攻事件,一定要找出握有一切秘密的炸弹设计者!



OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 14 JulyMalaysia 马来西亚 & Brunei 文莱 - 14 July

Hae-Joon (Park Hae-Il) works as a detective. He is polite to others, but passionate when investigating cases. He begins an investigation into an unnatural death case that took place on a mountain. While investigating the case, Hae-Joon meets Seo-Rae (Tang Wei). She is the former wife of the deceased man. Hae-Joon is suspicious of her, but he also becomes interested in her.