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THE HOUSE OF NO MAN revolves around a family of 5 members: grandmother - Ngoc Nga, the owner of a crab noodle soup store - Ngoc Nu, the eldest daughter - Ngoc Nhu and her husband - Phu Nhuan, and the youngest daughter - Ngoc Nhi. When three generations live under one roof, differences in life perspective and feelings gradually appear, which leads to conflicts in the relationships between parents and children, wife and husband, son-in-law and the wife’s family. 



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After reunion with LI Ziwei (starring Greg Hsu), HUANG Yu-Hsuan (starring Alice Ko) and LI live a peaceful life in Taiwan. But the calm days are broken when HUANG is informed one day she will be on secondment to Shanghai. Though the couple is parted in discord, HUANG still misses LI deeply, and she even usually dreams of a scene where LI falls from a building. One day when she wakes up again from the nightmare, she finds all trails of LI are simply vanished, and it looks like she has never been together with LI. Worse, her nightmare is soon proved to be true by Mo Jun-Jie (starring Patrick Shih), the closest friend of LI, that LI is actually died from falling a building several years ago. On her way to find out the truth, HUANG receives a mysterious cassette player. By pressing the play button of the song Last Dance, is HUANG able to change their fate and save LI by traveling through time and space?
按下随身听的播放键,全新的故事在熟悉又陌生的恋人间展开…… 当李子维出现的那一刻,黄雨萱终于意识到,梦中经常见到的那个人,此刻就站在眼前。因为一个“想见你”的冲动,注定相爱的恋人们开启了命运牵绊。爱让一切有了曲折,也有了力量。


MY ❤️ PUPPY《超完美狗保姆》

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Min-soo (Yoo Yeon-seok) is an ordinary office worker who dreams of a perfect family. He has a dog, Runie, whom he treats as a younger brother. Unexpected circumstances arise in Min-soo's life, when he can no longer live with Runie ahead of his marriage with his fiancée who is allergic to dogs. Together with his cousin, Jin-guk (Cha Tae-hyun) who owns a cafe that went bankrupt, Min-soo decides to find a new family for Runie. On their journey that starts in Seoul and continues to Jeju Island to find the perfect owner, the two encounter the heartbreaking reality of abandoned pets.



OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 11 MayMalaysia 马来西亚 & Brunei 文莱 - 11 May

When Yuxuan (starring CHEN Feiyu) met his childhood friend Shuyan (starring ZHOU Ye) after years, the friendship soon deepens into love. But not for long, a car accident takes the life of Shuyan. With deep sorrow Yuxuan makes a wish to make himself travel through time back to the last day they meet each other. Reunion or separation, which one is their ultimate fate?
相信真爱终会相遇,相信有情人终成眷属,你我的爱情约定即刻开始倒数。谷雨轩(陈飞宇 饰)和韩书妍(周也 饰)儿时巧遇结缘,却又遗憾错过。长大后的两人再度相遇,命中注定般地坠入爱河,在历经恋爱的幸福与甜蜜后,却不得不共同面临命运的考验。时间的齿轮开始转动,双向奔赴的他们能否用爱创造奇迹?


MARRY MY DEAD BODY《關於我和鬼變成家人的那件事》

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Ming-Han is a passionate policeman in a muscular shape. One day, in the process of arresting a criminal with his beautiful colleague - Zi-Qing, Ming-Han accidentally picks up a red envelope, and a group of people suddenly jumps out to call him "son in law". They ask him to get married with their dead child, who is a dead guy! It is impossible for Ming-Han to accept this decision. However, he doesn't expect to be in misfortune since then. What is even more terrifying is that he begins to see his ghost husband Mao-Mao that scares Ming-Han to death. Therefore, Ming-Han visits a great master to get rid of Mao-Mao. The master tells him that he must get married to Mao-Mao and check Mao-Mao's wish lists; otherwise, Mao-Mao will follow him forever. To get rid of Mao-Mao, Ming-Han has no choice but to help him fulfill all his wishes; at the same time, Mao-Mao also acts like Ming-Han’s partner to help him with the investigation of drug smuggling. A fantasy journey full of laughter and tears between a straight man and a gay ghost has begun.
恐同男警吳明翰(許光漢 飾演),誤撿地上紅包,沒想到紅包裡的對象是個男的(林柏宏 飾演)!被迫男男冥婚的明翰,一路衰到底,不但甩不掉冥婚對象,就連警花林子晴(王淨 飾演)埋線已久的緝毒案,都被他搞砸。



THE MOON《逃出宁静海》

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In the near future, Korea's first manned mission to the moon ends in a tragic disaster when an explosion occurs on board. 7 years later, a second human spaceflight is launched successfully but a strong solar wind causes it to malfunction. One astronaut, Sun-woo (DO) is left stranded in space. Facing another fatal catastrophe, the Naro Space Center turns to its former managing director Dr. Kim (SUL) to help bring Sun-woo back home safely.

一场意外而被孤立在月球上的太空人善宇(都敬秀 饰),以及竭尽全力救他的前太空中心负责人载国(薛景求 饰)的故事



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LI MUZI, wife of HE FEI, mysteriously disappeared on their anniversary trip to Balandia, a Southeast Asian island. The clueless husband turned for help to CHEN MAI, a renowned international lawyer. As the investigation progressed, more hidden secrets were revealed…