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HITMAN 《王牌特工》

OPENS IN 上映Malaysia 马来西亚 • Indonesia 印度尼西亚 • Singapore 新加坡 - 20 February 2月20日

Jun is a top agent of the national intelligence service. Disenchanted with this life, he fakes death to fulfil his dream of becoming a cartoonist. When his unexciting cartoons are ignored by readers and even his wife, he gets depressed and angry , leading him to draw cartoons of his past as an agent. To his shock, the comic gets accidentally gets revealed and turns into a viral hit. This causes NIS members & organised gangs, with grudges against Jun to hunt him down.

New Release

KAMEN RIDER:Reiwa the First Generation

OPENS INSingapore - 7 MarchMalaysia - 14 MarchIndonesia - 16 March

Another Rider from the world that Zi-O brought to an end suddenly stands in the way of Hiden Aruto/Kamen Rider Zero-One! At the moment another Rider is born, their existence rewrites the history of the Rider of that era, causing them to lose their powers.


OPENS INCambodia - February 2020

Dead bodies with eyeballs ruptured are continuously found. Their direct causes of death are heart attacks and they acted like they were possessed right before their deaths. Mizuki (Marie Iitoyo) is a university student. Her friend dies in front of her. Meanwhile, Haruo’s (Yu Inaba) younger brother dies. Mizuki and Haruo begin to investigate together. They learn that Eiko holds a key to the mystery. Soon, Eiko's eyeballs rupture and she dies by a heart attack. Before she dies, she mentions the word "Shirai-san.”

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OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 13 August | Sneaks from 7 AugustMalaysia 马来西亚 - 20 August

Han Kyeong-Jae (Jung Woo-Sung) is the president of South Korea. He strives for a successful peace treaty between North Korea and USA, which will become the cornerstone of peace on the Korean peninsula. Under a difficult international situation, South Korean president Han Kyeong-Jae, North Korean Leader (Yoo Yeon-Seok) and the U.S. president (Angus Macfadyen) gather for a summit. A coup takes place in North Korea during this time. The coupe is led by Supreme Guard Command Chief (Kwak Do-Won), who opposes the peace treaty. The South Korean president, North Korean leader, and U.S. president are kidnapped and held in a North Korean nuclear submarine.

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OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 23 JulyMalaysia 马来西亚 - 30 JulyBrunei 文莱 - 30 July

Two couples on an oceanside getaway grow suspicious that the host of their seemingly perfect rental house may be spying on them. Before long, what should have been a celebratory weekend trip turns into something far more sinister.

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OPENS IN 上映Singapore 新加坡 - 20 August

Moving to a new apartment in the city outskirts, a young family hires a nanny to look after their new born child.However Egor, the oldest boy, slowly notices frightening behavior of the woman leading to both the nanny and her baby sister missing.His parents being in a strange trance do not even remember ever having a daughter. Egor together with his friends then arranges a search, where they find out that the disappeared nanny is actually an ancient Slavic demon.